The Hazard Strategy

I call this the hazard strategy because it reminds me of the game of Hazard where the ‘bad number’ was not always 7, but could be other numbers. The idea is to use a Pass line bet and a Don’t Come bet (or Don’t Pass and Come Bet) together. What this does is move the bad number from 7 to whatever you rolled on the don’t come. For example:
If the point is 6, and then you roll an 8 on the don’t come, you win if you roll a 6 and loose if you roll an 8. A 7 is a wash. You cheer for the point like everyone else, but you don’t want to see an 8. If one of those numbers is rolled, you just place another wager to get a new number.

Note that on the second roll (the DC) you are doubly vulnerable to the 7! On the other hand, if the shooter rolls his number after you establish the DC number, you win, and now if a 7 rolls on the come out it is a double win for you, so it works both ways


It is important that the odds are balanced, for example you should not take any odds until both points are established. And you should take the same odds on each point. Of course you can not do this and get different also interesting results as you wish!

Some sim results: (10000 games of 120 rolls (1 hour) each) (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Game eV/hr standard dev 1 hour
$10 table, take double odds
$15 table, $20 odds -18+-2 200
$25 table, no odds

An even more conservative approach is to use the Don’t pass quasi-balanced by the place 8 (or 6). In this strategy you start with a DP bet on a new shooter. No odds. If you loose this bet you are done with DP on this shooter. In any event if a point is established, put down a place bet on the 8 or 6

Game eV/hr standard dev 1 hour
$15 Table, $18 place -$12+-$1 $100
$25 table, $30 place -$24+-2 $168