Even Simpler Blackjack Counting

If Hi-Lo is not a challenge you want to undertake, you can still reduce or revers the house edge with a simpler ‘easy’ counting scheme. However, one warning: You should not use any kind of “easy count” for income. Instead, think of this as a way to gamble more cheaply. Do not gamble beyond your means! The method is called “Easy OPP” and you can read details here:
Easy OPP . In a nutshell, count low cards (2-6) and then subtract the number of hands dealt (including splits) to obtain a running count.
Instead of indexes, just always use basic strategy, except stand on 16 vs a dealer 10 card instead of hitting. You should use an index for insurance, i will specify these below.
Here are some example of how you might use this. I assume H17 DAS RSA rules. 75% pen

  • Double Deck blackjack: Initial count = 6. IF count <= 4, bet $5. If it is >=+8 bet $20. Otherwise bet $10. You will bet $10 about 60% of the time. Insurance at +10. Your player edge will be 0.35%. This is a good strategy for a $10 level player.
  • For a six deck game, you will need to leave if the count gets too negative. Start with a count of 6. If count reaches 0, leave. Triple bet at count of 11. Take insurance at 17. (You will play 82% of hands). Edge =0.06% (i.e. about even.